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Workers' Compensation: Coronavirus Response Update

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting nearly every facet of our lives, I wanted to reach out with some reassuring news for our Workers' Compensation clients. First of all please know that your attorneys and the staff at Stow Garvin & Glenn are continuing to work on your cases as always. Additionally the State Board of Workers’ Compensation is still operating and taking action to ensure that the system continues to serve people who have been injured at work. The Board issued an order this week requiring that weekly benefits continue to be paid on time and that medical care still be provided. Judges at the State Board are still available to handle Petitions for Medical Treatment or any emergencies that may require judicial intervention.

Additionally, the settlement division is still working to approve settlements. The ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) unit is still available to conduct settlement mediations, but those will be handled via telephone conference.

So, most Board functions are going on as usual. The one big change is that the Board has postponed hearings currently scheduled for the period between now and April 13, 2020. If you have a hearing scheduled, you will get a reset notice. We will, of course, advise our clients of all new hearing dates.

We are continuing to monitor all events that affect our clients. And as always, we welcome your calls.

If you would like to follow developments at the State Board or Workers' Compensation on your own, click the image below.


Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation