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Real-Life Examples of How a Workers Comp Attorney Can Help You

If you’ve been seriously injured in a work-related accident, you might be wondering whether you really need an attorney. After all, your employer’s Workers’ Comp insurance coverage is supposed to help you.


Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always do the right thing, so our job at Stow Garvin and Glenn is to help you get the benefits you are due under the law. Sometimes, we help in small ways and sometimes in life-changing ways.


Here are some recent real-life examples of how we have helped injured workers.

  1. A client came to us after a devastating work injury resulted in an above-the-knee leg amputation. The Workers Comp insurer denied the claim in its entirety. We took the claim to court and secured medical care and weekly benefits for the client.

  2. An insurance carrier refused to pay for required home modification for a worker whose injury had left him confined to a wheelchair. As a result, the client was without a working shower for four months—a situation that was harmful to his health. We got involved and secured the necessary modifications. Additionally, we got a sizeable penalty levied against the insurance carrier to discourage such behavior in the future.

  3. We represented a client who suffered a devastating injury requiring multiple surgeries. The client’s injuries were so debilitating that his spouse had to quit her job to care for him. We secured an agreement to have the wife compensated for the attendant care she was providing.

  4. A client came to us because he had been misdiagnosed and was not getting the necessary medical care to treat his injury. We got the client to a new physician who was able to properly diagnose and treat the injury.

  5. We represented a client whose employer, through a bit of trickery, was requiring him to perform his regular duty work even though his doctor approved only light duty work. The employer had provided the doctor with a job description which they misrepresented as “light duty”. But a more careful reading of the tasks in the description showed this was client’s regular job requiring strenuous activities that were beyond his abilities. When we provided accurate information to the doctor, he changed his opinion about sending the client back to work at that job.

These are just some recent examples of how Stow Garvin & Glenn attorneys have helped injured workers. If you need help with a work injury, call us for a free consultation at (770) 534-5265.

~Nancy Glenn, Managing Partner

Nancy Glenn, Attorney