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Four Benefits Workers' Comp Insurers Won't Tell You About

Workers' Comp Benefits

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Most injured workers know that if they get hurt at work they are supposed to get medical care, and if they are unable to work, a weekly check.  However, there are other benefits that most injured workers don’t know about. And neither your employer nor the insurer will tell you about these unless you ask-- or your Workers' Comp Lawyer presses for them. Here are four examples lesser known Worker's Compensation benefits.

1. Late Payment Penalties

The insurer is required to mail wage replacement checks weekly.  Georgia law sets forth specific guidelines on when checks are to be mailed. An injured worker is entitled to a 15% late payment penalty if the check is not mailed on time. If you are getting a weekly check in the mail, you should keep the envelope and the check stub in order to prove entitlement to late payment penalties.

There are also late payment penalties for reimbursement requests. Mileage (addressed below) is supposed to be paid within 15 days and medical bills with 30 days. Additional penalties accrue when a mileage or medical bills are paid more than 30 days late.

2. Mileage

An injured worker is entitled to mileage at the rate of 40 cents per mile for travel to medical appointments, including travel to the pharmacy for picking up prescribed medications. Mileage should be submitted to the adjuster.

3. Attendant Care

In the case of a serious injury, an injured worker may be need someone to care for them at home. Sometimes this need may arise for a brief period after surgery, and sometimes it may be a permanent need. It is not uncommon for the spouse of a seriously injured worker to quit work in order to care for their injured partner. As long as the treating physician writes a prescription for the attendant care, the family member can be paid at the rate of $10.75 per hour for up to 12 hours per day.

5. Housekeeping Services and Lawn Care

In addition to attendant care, in the case of a serious injury, sometimes a treating doctor will prescribe household services such as housekeeping and lawn care.  Although insurance companies do not like paying for these services, it is possible to get reimbursed for all of part of these services if the doctor has prescribed them.

Insurance companies do not want to spend money on these benefits. If you think you may be owed one of these benefits, the Workers' Compensation lawyers at Stow Garvin & Glenn can help. Please call for a free consultation. (770) 534-5265.